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Welcome to Humanitarian Watch


Humanitarian Watch was formerly known as Human Rights International, an organization that was established in 1998 to focus on human rights abuses, and mass rapes in Indonesia. Thousands of innocent people were killed and hundreds of minority women and girls were mass raped at that time, which required international intervention.

In 2001 Human Rights International became Humanitarian Watch to respond to the many human-caused atrocities and natural disasters both domestically and internationally. Humanitarian Watch further expanded its mission to include other humanitarian efforts.

Our team of volunteers and contributors include individuals from varying backgrounds, such as politicians, doctors, lawyers, religious workers, educators, business professionals, and blue collar workers. Each person involved contributes to the best of their ability, whether through providing food or beverages for events, creating flyers and advertisements, purchasing necessary merchandise for a specific cause, or even through the countless hours of planning and organizing for every event. More importantly, no one in our team is a paid employee; rather, each person volunteers as best they can, without compensation.