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Our Leadership


Rebecca Schen
President and Founder

Rebecca Schen

Ms. Schen is a born-activist at heart, where she often stands up for the weak and speaks for the voiceless. Prior to becoming a social activist, Ms. Schen was a businesswoman, forming and operating various businesses domestically and internationally.

Ms. Schen has been an activist for human rights and social justice since 1998. She stepped up and took action in response to Indonesia’s 1998 May riot, where minorities were mutilated, burned, gang raped, and killed. Ms. Schen collaborated with numerous organizations to demand the Indonesian government’s acknowledgement and apology for the atrocities in Indonesia. She met with then-President Abdulrahman Wahid (aka Gus Dur) in Salt Lake City, Utah, demanding that change take place in Indonesia, including permitting ethnic minorities in Indonesia to be treated equal to ethnic Indonesians, such as to partake and celebrate Chinese New Year, and to give ethnic minorities in Indonesia the option to acknowledge their ethnic identities. As a result, in the following year, President Wahid implemented change in the Indonesian laws, which allowed public celebration of Chinese New Year and shortly thereafter, Chinese New Year was made a national holiday by his successor, President Megawati. Moreover, ethnic minorities are now allowed to get involved in political endeavors.

Ms. Schen has also participated in United Nations World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa. In addition, Ms. Schen has also been active in various domestic activities, such as organizing blood drives, bone marrow drives, coat drives, and showing appreciation to veterans and elderly during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Johann Siemson
Vice President and Spokesperson

Johann Siemson

Mr. Siemson has been involved in various community organizations since 1998, including since the establishment of Humanitarian International, where he provided his technological skills and knowledge for the smooth operation of our organization. He can often be found helping our organization behind the scenes, taking videos or photographs of events, web developing, and researching on news developments.

Aimellia Siemson, Esq.
Legal Counsel and Organizer

Aimellia Siemson

Ms. Siemson has been involved with Humanitarian International since its inception. She was responsible for outreach and press relations for the organization, and has recently moved into the position of Counsel for the organization as well as a practicing attorney.